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Basic $1289

Clears unwanted information from the first page of search results, for one search phrase.

Advanced $2149

Clears unwanted information from the first and second page of search results, for one search phrase.


Business Online Reputation Repair

More and more companies are finding out the importance of protecting their online reputation. All it takes is one negative search result associated with your company's name to drive away potential customers. If your company has false, misleading, or harmful information located in a news article, a Blog or website, a rip-off report, or any other harmful information posted on the Internet, Integrity Defenders can help remove those postings from public view.

With the proliferation of user-generated content online, the online reputation of businesses are being tarnished by incorrect and misleading posts or comments that can stay on the Internet forever. One post by a disgruntled employee or unhappy customer can have a deleterious effect on your company's image, as well as sales. Integrity Defenders' Business Online Reputation Management Services are designed to help companies take control of the way their brand is perceived online.

Our Approach

Once you choose a package, you will be assigned an account manager. This account manager will asses your company's situation and tailor a plan to effectively repair your online reputation. Your account manager will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure the content we promote and create contains the information you want the world to see. Our services are intended to create and promote positive web content, that will replace unwanted content within the first pages of search results. The positive content can include:

  • Social Media - We will create, promote, and maintain high-ranking social media sites that can rank highly within the first pages of Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • Blogs - We will join blog sites and other online communities in order to create new links within search results. We may also create a separate blogging site specific to your company or industry.
  • Websites - We can create separate websites with unique and pertinent content that will make them rank well within search results quickly. These sites will be updated regularly in order to ensure a constant flow of positive information about your company.
  • Articles and Press Releases - Our staff of writers can create articles and press releases that we can release through a wide range of online distributors.
  • Promoting Existing Content - Many of our clients already have positive content online about them that we can promote within search results in order to displace negative content.

Each case is different, and your account manager will work with you to determine which combination of online media will be most effective in your situation. The time it takes to clear unwanted information will vary based on the source of the negative content being displaced.

Whether you're trying to remove an embarrassing news article, a government sanction notice, a post from a blogger, or any other type of negative content online, we can help promote information that will portray your company in a positive light. Sign-up for one of our Business Reputation Management Services, and take control of your Company's Online Reputation today!